Started joint research on quantum physics with University of Missouri
in America

Founded Kyungwon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Established Kyungwon Life Science Research Institute
Succeeded in developing new Bio Green Catalyst technology

Succeeded in developing Midas technology, world’s first detergent free washing system

Constructed long-term freshness preservation film production factory based on Bio Green technology

Established Lovis Water production factory

Obtained Venture Company Certificate in R&D filed (Seoul Regional Small and Medium Business Administration)

Introduced world’s first non-detergent washing machine Midas in Korea market by conducting strategic partnership with Daewoo Electronics

Selected as a promising medium company by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Detergent free washing system was selected as one of 100 next generation technologies by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

Introduced new non-detergent washing machine Midas II in Korea market
Selected as an Inno/Biz AA graded company

Selected as a research institute with excellent manufacturing technologies (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

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