1998 Won Asian Innovation Award
(Non-detergent washing system, Far Eastern Economic Review of DowJones, 1999)

Received Excellent Company Award in new technology development part from Minister at Ministry of Science and Technology

  (Ministry of Science and Technology, 2000)

Selected as an excellent new technology developed company

  (Special Committee at Small and Medium Business Administration,1999)

Selected as a technology development model company

  (Bank of Small and Medium Businesses, 2000)

Selected as a medium sized company with excellent technical competitive power

  (Chungbuk Regional Small and Medium Business Administration, 1999)

Selected as a consulting research institute for air pollution in Sihwa region

  (Siheung City Council, 1999)

Selected as a promising medium sized company by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

  (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, 2001)

Selected as a promising advanced technology developing company

  (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2001)

Received Award for a person with new technology

  (Small and Medium Business Administration, 2001)

Awarded Revolutionary Technology Award

  (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, 2002)

Awarded Silver Award at Korea Technology Competition

  (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, 2002)
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