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Kyungwon Enterprise is performing continuous researches on product production in order to make human life healthier since its foundation in 1990. With our own developments, such as long-term freshness preservation packing vinyl, sterilization agent and deodorization agent, hangover treatment drink, bioactive drink, and Lovis Water, we will be able to make your life healthier and more joyful.
For recent few years, we have been focusing on researches over removing water pollution, and finally we have successfully developed detergent free washing system and applied it as a product in Oct., 2001. Detergent free washing machine does not use detergent at all while providing same cleaning effects and using only 1/2 of water, which make it a revolutionary environment friendly washing machine.
Moreover, we are doing our duty as an environment protector by developing various sewage/waste water purification technologies and algae removal technologies for farming and fishing villages, reservoirs and industrial facilities that preserve clean and clear water.
In the future, we will develop our various technologies more and promote various projects in researching process continuously in order to be a company considering environment and human beings most of all, which is a company Kyungwon Enterprise aims to be.
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Kyungwon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

President Hee-Jung Kim

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